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Dawn of Rebels

Sviluppatore Aeria Games GmbH

Dawn of the Rebels is a war strategy game under the background of science-fiction space. “Original Empire” becomes a super interstellar empire by making continuous brutal aggressions and colonization. Instead, you organized a rebel army from the inner Empire, and became a “rebel army” of justice. As a rebel leader, you need to calmly command your army and fight against the powerful empire. In the game, you will control a “King Warship” of your own, visit the battlefield in person, fight with your army, use special abilities of “King Warship”, and lead your army to win! Every battle needs your wisdom and courage! - A war strategy game with strong strategies- - Various warships varieties and perfect strategy system - - Upgrade the warships to get better performance - - “King Warship” skill system highlights the style of the King - - The difficulty level of battles gradually increases and tests your ability - - Various achievement systems with rewards -